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Murder My Neighbour - book 12

Troubles never come singly. Ellie’s old friend and housekeeper falls off a ladder and hurts herself after seeing a ‘ghost’ in a neighbour’s house . . . while Ellie is trying to get rid of a desperate young man, who says he’s looking for his great aunt . . . who happens to own the house in question. Mrs Pryce had told everyone she was moving to a retirement home, but never arrived there.

A walk round the block reveals someone is still tending the vegetables in Mrs Pryce’s garden. Perhaps the house is not as deserted as it looks?

So where is Mrs Pryce, and who knows more about her departure than they are prepared to tell? And how can Ellie deal with her difficult daughter’s latest financial disaster?

The twelfth Ellie Quicke Mystery


Publisher's Weekly, 25th July 2011

"Heley's irresistable 12th Ellie Quick cozy... If you think you've seen Diana at her worst, just wait."

Kirkus Reviews, 1st September 2011

Ellie’s fans will find all the typical pleasures in her 11th case: domestic felicity disrupted by dark doings and the eventual triumph of the good over the greedy.

Available at the end of May 2011
Hardback Severn House ISBN 978-072788-050-5
Paperback, Severn House ISBN 978-1-84751-360-1
eBook ISBN 978-1-78010-080-7 (Amazon Kindle Store UK/US)

Available from good bookshops and Amazon.