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I will be giving talks and some workshops throughout the year, some of which are open to all comers. In some cases, you would need to book a place to attend. More dates will probably be added to the diary during the year, so please do check up on what I’m doing now and again.


Warwick Festival of Writing, Warwick University

Veronica will be appearing at the National Association of Writers’ Groups,
29th – 31st August 2-14

On Saturday 30th August . . . in the morning . . .

Where to Start?
Crime is at the top of the best seller list. We will pick different genres and explore their potential. Publishers like to be offered a series – how to create one. We will look at readership, and the different markets. How to plot, how to research and how to keep up the tension.

In the afternoon . . .

Look Who’s Talking.
Whether you choose a police procedural, say, or a gentle cosy crime, you need to present characters that the reader can happily spend time with. Multi points of view are fashionable but have their drawbacks. Characterisation and setting are all important, whichever genre you choose. Tips for writing good dialogue.

On Sunday morning . . ..

Presenting the Package
Making a submission, the first page, the first sentence and the synopsis. Putting in the back story. Humour. The blurb and suggestions for the cover.

On Sunday afternoon . . ..

How to Make your Name
Marketing and the media are largely now the province of writers, not publishers. Consider the pros and cons of e-books, Facebook, Twitter, the newsletter and the blog. The importance of a good website. A group website has great potential.

The link for details of the Warwick Festival of Writing: http://www.nawg.co.uk/?p=436 where you can download a brochure and booking form.