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False Wall

The 10th in the Abbott Agency Series

'An intriguing plot, a toughminded heroine, and a satisfying ending make this an entertaining read.' Booklist, 1st March 2016

False Impression

The 9th in the Abbott Agency Series

‘Solid writing, larger-than-life characters, plenty of twists, and a lovable, Miss Marple-like heroine make for an entertaining and satisfying read.’
Booklist, USA issue, 1st March 2015

‘In Heley’s satisfying ninth Abbot Agency mystery . . . .Heley evokes the upper-middle-class world to which the Abbot Agency caters with subtlety and restraint.’
Publishers Weekly, USA issue 5th Jan, pub 1st March

Murder In Time

The 15th Ellie Quicke Mystery

An absorbing plot starring the always-charming Ellie, and a slam-bang ending, makes this one a pleasure to read.
by Booklist, 1st August 2014

Heley’s prose is sure, her characters well-drawn, and though her tone is light, the plot is satisfyingly dark and sinister.
by Publisher's Weekly, 21st July 2014


The 14th Ellie Quicke Mystery


"This is a pleasant read that’s part British cozy and part women’s fiction, given its celebration of a woman who can do it all." Emily Melton


The 11th Ellie Quicke Mystery

Kirkus Reviews, 1st September

Ellie’s 12th is right on the money, with the heroine giving as good as she gets in her tangles with the boneheaded local constabulary.


The 6th in the Abbott Agency series.

Booklist, 15th March 2012

When Jeremy shows up at Bea's door, fleeing an attempt on his life, [Bea] agrees to help him, if only to put the mess behind her. The trail leads to a gang of high-society folks... A nice mix of suspense and cozy ambience.

Kirkus Reviews, 15th March 2012

An old friend talks Bea Abbot into helping a musician caught in a honey trap.
Kind-hearted Bea lets Jeremy stay with her.
Heley’s [False Report] may be her most delicate and best balanced yet.


The 12th in Ellie Quicke series.

Publisher's Weekly, 25th July 2011

"Heley's irresistable 12th Ellie Quick cozy... If you think you've seen Diana at her worst, just wait."

Kirkus Reviews, 1st September 2011

Ellie’s fans will find all the typical pleasures in her 11th case: domestic felicity disrupted by dark doings and the eventual triumph of the good over the greedy.


The fifth Abbott Agency Mystery.

Library Journal, 1st March 2011

"Verdict: As in this title's predecessors, Bea reveals her personal strength as she nourishes the friends she has reluctantly adopted as her own surrogate family and cleverly unwraps the motives behind several deaths. For fans of sophisticated contemporary cozies."


11th in the Ellie Quicke series.

Publishers Weekly, 14th June 2010

'Heley’s entertaining 11th mystery to feature the stubborn amateur sleuth... Ellie injects this high-octane cozy with endearing humor and enduring style. Adding to the fun is Ellie’s impulse to pray for help from higher powers at critical moments.'


4th in the Abbot Agency series.

Publishers Weekly, 1st February 2010

'Heley's cast of intriguing characters from every walk of life will please British cozy fans'.


10th in the Ellie Quicke series.

Publishers Weekly, 6th July 2009

'More strong-coffee crime than weak-tea cozy, Heley’s unflinching take on just how low unscrupulous businessmen may go during recessionary times is an eye-opener.'


3rd in the Abbot Agency series.

Kirkus Reviews, 9th January 2009

'Clever clueing and a shocking solution place what would otherwise have been a routine cozy above the competition.'

Publishers Weekly, 26th January 2009

In Heley’s charming third mystery to feature Bea Abbot (after 2008’s False Picture), the genteel London detective must deal with office renovations and investigate a mysterious death. A cleaning woman finds the body of her mild-mannered employer, Matthew Kent, in a red dress with a suicide note on his nightstand. When Kent’s daughter asks Bea to do an inventory of her father’s Kensington house, Bea uncovers evidence that suggests Kent was murdered. Later, to add to Bea’s problems, she receives a phone call from her son, a member of Parliament, who has had a disagreement with his wife and wants to live and work in her home. Leaving the running of her business in the hands of her capable staff, who include two likable teenage assistants, Bea sets out to discover the truth. Careful sleuthing leads to a surprising finale.

Booklist, 15th Feb 2009

readers will be well rewarded with this wacky, fast-paced and even rather charming mystery.

Library Journal, 1st March 2009

... Heley, one of the most engaging British mystery writers today, strings Bea along until she springs some surprises on unsuspecting readers. Think Agatha Christie meets Mary Roberts Rinehart in modern London. For most collections.


9th in the Ellie Quicke series.

Kirkus Reviews 15th December 2007

‘Ellie Quicke becomes involved in a hunt for answers when her cousin Roy’s wife witnesses a killing by a dog in a local park…even though Heley once more reveals the perpetrator early on, Ellie is such a complex and likable heroine that we follow her exploits with bated breath.’


1st in the Abbot Agency series.

Library Journal, 1st October 2007

‘In the capable hands of Heley Bea overcomes all obstacles and finds that life, while challenging, can be good. The first Abbot Agency mystery is a winner that will appeal to fans of British cosies.’

Publisher’s Weekly

‘An ingenious series debut…the cast of outrageous characters compliments a complex mystery.’

Kirkus reviews, 1st September 2007

‘The creator of Ellie Quicke rolls out a new series featuring the Abbot Agency, which handles domestic crises with efficiency and discretion…. Although the two heroines are cut from similar cloth, Heley’s new series has a quirky vibe that edges it…’