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Both the Abbot Agency series and the popular Ellie Quicke Mysteries are available in audiobooks through Soundings and Audible.


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The Abbot Agency

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False Charity

False Picture

Ellie Quick

Here you can listen to the adventures of the feisty fiftyish widow as she makes new friends, learns to deal with her demanding family, and solves mysteries in her community.

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Murder by Suicide

Murder of Innocence

Murder by Accident

Murder in the Garden

Murder by Committee

Murder by Bicycle

Murder of Identity

Murder in the Park

These audio books are available from Isis-Publishing.

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The Wilful Heiress

Lady Elisabeth Silverwood is young, beautiful and an heiress, but no fool. Fleeing the advances of a notorious rake, she finds herself pursued and her carriage cut off at a ford. A personable young farmer rescues her, and proves to be much more to her liking than Sir Maurice. Unfortunately Robin Prior despises everything she stands for, and though he helps her straighten out her tangled household affairs, he will not flirt with her as she desires. Meanwhile Sir Maurice awaits his chance to revenge himself on Robin, and possess himself of the heiress.
By Veronica Heley writing as Victoria Thorne.
Available as an audio book from Isis Soundings here.
ISBN 9781842 625897 (large print) Magna


A romping adventure set in the Middle Ages, about a man wrongly accused of theft. He takes refuge in a castle, where he falls for a girl whose father has vowed she is to become a nun.
Available from Isis Soundings (CD/9781407951683) here.