Master of the Hall – book 4

Betrayal lurks at Eden Hall. Eden Hall, the ancient English stately home, has brought Araminta “Minty” Sands more joy—and heartache—than she could ever have imagined. She’s worked hard to keep it open to the public; but, exhausted from looking after the twins, Minty has no energy to maintain the Hall as she once did. Worn out, […]

Secret of the Hall – book 3

Still grieving after a tragic miscarriage, Minty returns to Eden Hall…to find herself refused entry! Minty’s husband Patrick has urgent problems of his own to deal with, so she has to tackle the situation herself. Minty discovers that a new and over-confident Administrator has arranged for a nationally advertised music festival to take place in […]

The Lady of the Hall – book 2

Inheriting beautiful Eden Hall brings Araminta ‘Minty’ Cardale a host of problems. With quiet determination she embraces her new role as Lady of the Hall, working hard to keep the struggling Hall open to the public, and to continue the charitable foundation her father established. But her resentful stepfamily fight her at every turn, and […]