Thought for the Month July

REMEMBER in July Praise God for the blessings that prayer brings to us. Praise Him in the mornings, at noon and at night. However busy you are, an arrow prayer to God can never fail to hit the target, and praise is the first message to send. Rejoice that Jesus Christ is never too busy […]

Thought for the Month May

REMEMBER in May Jesus rose from the dead. He cooked a meal for his friends, and ate with them. He proved He was no ghost, but had a human body, just like us. He walked with them, and talked with them, He explained many things that had puzzled them. He told them what to expect […]

Thought for the Month March

REMEMBER in March Remember… ‘Up from the grave he arose!’ He was very, very dead. There were plenty of witnesses to that. He was taken down from the cross and laid in a tomb with a great stone rolled across the entrance and then, to make assurance doubly sure, there were Roman guards placed around […]