Thought for the Month

Thought for the Month May


Jesus rose from the dead. He cooked a meal for his friends,
and ate with them. He proved He was no ghost, but had a
human body, just like us. He walked with them, and talked
with them, He explained many things that had puzzled
them. He told them what to expect in the future.
He took them out of the city of Jerusalem where he raised
his hands and blessed them. A cloud received Him from
their sight as he rose from this earth to rejoin His Father
in heaven.
When He left them for the second time, they did not grieve
so much, they did not try to cling on to Him because He
had proved he could overcome death. Moreover, He had
promised that He was not leaving them friendless or
without guidance in the future.
Nowadays we cannot see Him with our mortal eyes, but we
can still read His words, we have the Comforter, and we
can try to live according to His guidelines. We know that He
lived and died and rose again. We know that He ascended
into heaven and is now with His Father.
We also know that He is still thinking of us, still grieving
when we go astray, but rejoicing when we try, even if only
in small things, to fulfil his hopes for us. Let us lose
ourselves in praise, remembering all that He suffered for


Ascension Day this year falls on May 17th.
In Britain this is not one of our foremost
Christian dates, though it is widely and well
celebrated on the Continent.
Ascension Day is traditionally marked
with white and gold flowers. In some places
arrangements are made for walks into the
mountains to mark the ‘upward’ journey
of our Lord to join His Father in heaven.


As the day closes and night is nigh, we give
Thee thanks for all the blessing of the day. We
ask you to bless and help those who have come to
know the sorrow and heartbreak caused by their
own thoughtlessness.
Bless those who will wake in the morning with no
work to do; uplift and strengthen them to keep
going and to look for new opportunities.
Help us all to be at peace with ourselves and our
fellow men, and at peace with you. Amen.


My thoughts are ever dwelling on the fact that you were
not only lifted up to die on the cross for my sins, and that
your body was placed in a grave, but that you rose from
the dead and showed yourself to so many people. You went
up to heaven to accomplish my redemption. I am ever
thankful that I serve a risen Lord, who is alive and still
interceding for me at the right hand of God. You are my
Lord for ever, and I look forward to your coming again.
We thank you, O Lord, for the journey you gave your
Son to save us from sin. We ask your guidance so we may
have the courage to take the same rough and challenging
journey you gave your disciples. May we dwell in your
spirit and feel the strength of your love and learn to live
under your guidance. Give us the right words to spread
the news of the triumphant return of your son to heaven,
and may your kingdom have no end.
Edley, aged 12

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