Thought for the Month

Thought for the Month November


Remember that even in the worst of these dark days, there is
always hope. With the fall of leaves and the extinguishing of
autumn flowers, there is always the glow of berries in holly and
hawthorn to lighten the darkness. Remember to praise God for
the hope He gives us of the Light to come.
Praise Him that even if we are in pain, ,and our minds are caught
up in gloomy thoughts, His light is always shining to beckon us out
of the darkness.
Thank Him for giving us the Light of the World, who is always with
us, even to the end of time. His words are a light to our path, his love
a constant reminder that the darkness can never overcome the light.
Remember that we ourselves are meant to be carrying the light within
us, to lift the darkness from other people’s lives.
Remember to say sorry to God if we have been faint-hearted when
faced with sorrow, misery and other difficulties. The Light is always
there, shining on us even in the worst of times, and all we have to do is
welcome it into our lives.
Dear Lord, help us to remember that if we concentrate on our own
problems, we shall not be able to think of others. Amen.


Dear Lord, we ask for a special blessing this night, on all those who
have grown grey in our service, and who care greatly for the
advancement of your Kingdom.
We remember those who are now too frail to attend church, those
who are now deaf and unable to take part as they once did. We also
remember those who are sick in hospitals or at home.
Almighty Father, who art full of compassion, hear us as we pray for
all the sick and hurting people – especially those who walk in darkness
and have no light. In your mercy, meet their varied needs this night.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.


The end of British Summer Time on October 26th, when we put our
clocks forward, gives even more meaning to ‘Lighten our Darkness,
O Lord’. While November is often thought of as a gloomy month, it
presages the coming of the baby Jesus – the King of Light – to
illumine our days.


I praise you, for you are a God who never changes.
Around us everything else changes, minute by minute. The
seasons change, as does the weather…we have bright, cloudy,
dry, hot and cold days.
You have not promised us bright days all the time, but when
the dark days come into our lives – through sickness, financial
problems, spiritual dryness and sometimes because family and
friends let us down – then we pray, O Lord, that you bring your
light into the dark moments. Then we learn to trust you even
more and to grow in your love.
Hold our hands, Lord. Lead us from darkness to your marvellous
light. Amen.
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Lighten our darkness, we beseech thee, O Lord, and by thy
great mercy defend us from all perils and dangers of this night;
for the love of thy only Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.
The third collect for Aid against all Perils, from the
Evening service, The Book of Common Prayer.