Thought for the Month

Thought for the Month December

REMEMBER in December

Remember to start the day with praise. There is nothing
like it for getting us into the right frame of mind in the
morning. Troubles may settle on your spirits later, but
putting your mind into the right ‘gear’ first thing helps
you to deal with everything that life can throw at you.
God wants us to look at the marvels of the world he has
created for us and to give him thanks and praise for it; for
the rising of the sun and its warmth, the clouds that forecast
rain, the blue of a clear sky, the winter berries…and the
warmth of friends and family.
Thank Him for giving us hope. Without it we shrivel and die.
Without the coming of God’s son at Christmas tide, we would
never have known how much He loved us. Praise Him for
giving us hope. In this dark world, full of sorrow, ill health
and care, where everywhere we look there are wars and
starvation, the coming of the Christ child give us hope.
Remember to tell Him how sorry we are if we have let some
time go by without praise. Ask Him to help us reflect His
love through us onto the people we meet every day. As He
loved us enough to give us His only son, we should love Him
in return as much as our human nature will allow. Though
all we can give is a poor reflection of His love for us, yet He
understands our limitations.


Let us thank God for giving us hope. Hope moves us
forward in our lives, enabling us to look to the future
with confidence. Because we have hope, we trust God
to support and guide us through whatever is to come.
We need hope particularly at the end of December, as
we begin a New Year.


Let your rich blessing be ours this night, and bless all
our families and dear friends. Bless all those suffering
from the loss of a dear one, which always feels particularly
harsh at this time of year. Help them to remember that
they are surrounded by love from God’s son. Be with all
the absent friends and members of the family who cannot
be with us today.
Bless all the sad and lonely folk who feel their pain so
much more acutely in this season of general rejoicing.
Help us all to be at peace with ourselves and at peace with
our fellow men at this blessed time of the year; but first and
foremost help us all to be at peace with You. Amen


My hope is built on the knowledge of Jesus’ love for me.
So many things in my life seem confusing. Inspire me, Lord,
not to lose heart. I believe in you. With you in my life I know
that brighter days are ahead, and that lonely nights will turn
to joy in the morning. As you came in the flesh and dwelt
among us once, I look forward to your second coming. When
the last trumpet’s voice shall sound, may I be found faultless,
standing before your throne.
© Pitshanger Prayer Fellowship.


As when Christmas melts winter in Narnia
to you be warmth and growth and life,
bright, brave flowers, chuckling streams,
the tang of pines and pure, fresh mountain air.
© Christine Leonard
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