Thought for the Month

Thought for the Month October


Remember to praise God at this time of the year, for the harvest of
land and water, field and meadow. Praise God for His gifts to us of
food and drink, clothes and shelter, and for the friends who pray for us.
Thank Him for the people whose task it is to grow the wheat and corn
for our daily bread, for those who rear animals and harvest fish from
the sea, for those who travel to bring the food to the shops for us to buy,
and for the shopkeepers who enable us to buy what we need to live.
We praise Him for the gifts of babies and young children just starting
out on their journey in the world. May they have fruitful lives. We
praise Him also for the lives that are drawing to a close: let them be
very conscious of His nearness. The eternal cycle of the harvest brings
us great riches but also signals to some the end of their time on earth.
Thank Him for the cycle of our days on earth. We pray that each and
every morning, afternoon, evening and night, may be lived to the full
for Christ.
Ask Him for patience and strength to help those who live their lives –
and sometimes lose them – in harsh conditions due to political strife,
war, flood or famine. Comfort those in torment of body, mind or soul.
In the name of Jesus we ask this. Amen.


O heavenly Father, with many thanks for all thou hast done for us,
we ask Thy healing spirit to dwell on all our sick folk and uplift
them in their various needs.
We give thanks for all who are caring for them. Some are so
generous and give their lives to looking after the sick members of
their family or their aged parents. They too need to be upheld in
Thy loving care, and be given strength to meet each day anew.
Bless those who are sad, comfort them and take away the ache of
their loneliness. Help them to find comfort to carry on. Amen.


Some years ago the focus of our Harvest Festival celebrations was
a ‘Harvest of Talents’, in which the many skills and gifts of our
congregations were commemorated.
Can we examine our lives now, and harvest any talents we may
possess, putting them to work for God?


Let us remember and honour our elders. Help us, Lord, to
respect their wisdom and pay attention to their comfort and
happiness. Let us bear in mind that long life is a blessing, not
a burden. The Psalmist wrote that older people still bear fruit
in old age when they remain fresh and green.
So we pray that the faithful older people who continue to
have a fresh outlook spiritually, will teach us from their
lifetime’s experience of serving God. As their harvest, Lord,
challenge us to new heights of spiritual growth. Amen.
© Pitshanger Prayer Fellowship.


May the love of the Father enfold us,
The love of the Saviour uphold us,
The love of the Spirit surround us,
May we find in God a sure foundation,
And the blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son and the
Holy Spirit be among us and remain with us always. Amen.
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