Thought for the Month

Thought for the Month September

REMEMBER in September

We praise you, Lord, for bringing us through floods and
drought, feast and famine, viruses and infections. We praise you
for the kindness of strangers in helping those affected by these disasters.
We praise you, Lord, for giving us times to work and play, and for
times in which to rest. Help us to make good use of all of them.
We thank you, Lord, for the summer holidays, for time spent with
friends and family. We thank you for the games and books and films
that we have enjoyed in our times of play. Now we come to the start
of a new year, with new schools, new jobs, new challenges.
Be with us as we step out into the future, armed with the power of your love.
We remember all the troubled places in the world, where people do not
have enough food, water or shelter, and live in constant fear of violence.
We remember those who try to keep the peace in such places; give them
courage to endure, a heart to share whatever they possess, and commonsense
to know how best to proceed with their task. Lord, give the leaders of the
world wisdom and courage to the end that we can all live together in peace.
Please, Lord, be with us day by day as we go out and about. Give comfort
and rest to those in physical pain, and teach us the right words to speak to
those in mental torment.


Deliver us, O Lord of Life, from all the bad habits that we have allowed to
rule our lives. As we start our lives afresh at this time of the year, give us
strength to combat those things in us which prevent us from drawing ever
near to You.
We ask your blessings for those caught up in the toils of alcoholism or
drug-taking. Any who are held captive by evil company. All those who face
shame and have to begin their lives over again. Amen.


Are we making the most of our lives? Could we get rid of some of the clutter
that keeps us from seeing the way ahead clearly? Could we improve the way
we relate to others in the future, and through this come to relate to God better?
This time of the year, when we think about making a fresh start in so many things,
give us an opportunity to take a good look at where we are, and make plans to move

Lord of new beginnings

Your Son came down to earth to make all things new. Help us, dear Lord,
to make the most of everything that begins anew this month, which is not only
the beginning of the new school year, but also sees the start of our church and
financial year. Renew our hearts within us. Baptise us anew so that with
Thy redeeming power, we can make the world a better place. Amen.
© Pitshanger Prayer Group
Thank you, Lord, for each new day, for each new life and for all the new
experiences we meet along the way; for the new schools that we go to, and
the new friends that we make. We thank you for the chance to experience change;
even if it doesn’t seem particularly good at the time, we can still learn something from it.
New beginnings are second chances, so help us to make the most of them. Amen.
Liam Kelly, aged 12
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Jesus gave up his life for us to have a new beginning.
Liam Kelly, aged 12