Getting the Most out of your Website

A professional website is a must.

You can create a single page website yourself but unless your are technically minded it is best to ask a professional to do it for you. Try Mark Porthouse –, the Evolve website design people, or the Word pool book site. Visit the websites of published writers and see what they have to offer.

A website should reflect a writer, and each will have a different requirement. Some writers, for instance, sell direct from their site. Some include prayers or reviews of other people’s books. Some give a list of talks which they are giving.

How to build a tribe, or readership: start with your email address list. Invite everyone to visit your site and read your blogs.

What you need on a website:
A home page with your photograph on it, and a word of introduction about yourself. You will need a series of navigation links, each of which will lead the viewer to one part of your work.
Links leading to a section showing your books, or your articles, or your short stories.
For a book you can display the cover, give a blurb, and the ISBN number if applicable.
For an article, give a description of the material used, and how to find it.
For a short story, you might like to give a taster, and say where it can be found.
A link for your blog. Don’t try to blog every day, but put new material there on a regular basis. You may invite other like-minded writers to guest on your blog, and suggest you do the same for them, or ask permission to quote their blog on yours. Your blog may have a particular theme such as ‘Strong Women’. It should preferably contain some writing content and not just be a record of your social calendar.

Some people share their blog with one or two other writers, so that each one posts for a week in turn. (See James Scott Bell and his Killzone of crime writers) On this blog page you will have a second link to a space where Comments can be posted.

Contact: You will need a separate page which will lead the viewer to contact you by e-mail.

Veronica Heley
June 2012