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The Nativity

Six glowing 3-D tableaux portray the marvellous story of the birth of Jesus in this simple and elegant retelling. Each scene has tabs to pull, moving parts and screens that unfold. In a splendid finale, double doors open wide to reveal the full glory of the Nativity.
ISBN: 1-84507-343-6
Hardback revised edition
Published by Frances Lincoln Limited

Stories of Everyday Saints

40 stories with Bible links and related activities
The forty men and women whose stories are told in this book may not have started out as perfect people, but they were used by God to do his work.  Saints are people who listen to God and try to do what he wants.
The saints included in the book fall into four categories:
Bible saints from the New Testament, such as St Paul
Historical and legendary saints, such as St George
Worldwide saints, such as St Francis of Assisi
More recent and contemporary saints, such as Mother Teresa
Each story is accompanied by:
Key date and brief description of the saint
Bible link
Related activities
Suggested songs that might be used
Some of the people have been formally named as saints by their church. In such cases, their name will appear with ‘St’ before it, as in St Patrick. Others have not been recognized publicly in this way, but are included in this book because God used them to carry out a particular task. These people are referred to simply by their ordinary names such as Florence Nightingale.
ISBN: 1-84101-224-6
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