Thought for the Month

Thought for the Month June


Praise God for the wonderful world that He has made for
us to live in. Praise Him for the light of the sun in the sky
by which we are able to live and breathe, and for the light
of the Bible, which gives us the rules by which we should
lead our lives.
Thank Him for the wisdom of the rules He gave us to live by.
Thank Him for giving us the understanding of how to follow
them, and – if we transgress, as we often do – thank Him for
being so ready to forgive and pour out his love upon us.
Let us ask Him for wisdom and courage, that we may obey
His rules even when others around us fail to do so. He knows
how difficult it can be to act with love to those who are
disadvantaged in some way; the poor, the sick, the needy.
He asks us to spend time with the weary, the sad, the stranger.
Not everyone is gifted to be at ease with those who demand
time and attention, but He asks each one of us to do our best.
Remember that Jesus himself spent time with those who
were cold-shouldered and overlooked by the rich and selfish
in society. Now He ask us to do something about it.
All honour, praise and glory, to thee, Redeemer, King.
Redeem, refashion us to be your eyes, ears and hands
this day, now and always. Amen.


It is sometimes easier to confide in strangers than it is
to talk to close family or friends. But what if the
stranger were Jesus? Undoubtedly we would be met
with even greater sympathy and more understanding
than if it were our best friend listening to us.
We can always have that sympathy and understanding
if we open our hearts to Him and trust in His judgment.


We remember at this time that at the end of His time
on earth, Jesus empowered the people of God to
spread the good news. We pray that You do the same
for us now. Inspire us, Lord, to proclaim the gospel
openly as we continue Christ’s work, meeting with
your sons and daughters in whatever way they come
into our lives.
At this time we remember also the foreigners living
among us, for they also are sons and daughters of God,
and the role of the Spirit in their creation was the same
for them as it was for us. In Christ’s precious name we
pray that we never forget this truth. Amen.


Let us give thanks for the work that goes on in
the church week by week, year by year, often
taken for granted, often unnoticed.
We think of work undertaken behind the scenes,
meetings attended at church and circuit level,
preparations made for Junior church, Wednesday
Fellowship, meetings of the uniformed organisations,
Let us give thanks for those responsible for
maintaining, cleaning, opening up and closing the
premises and arranging for the garden to be tended.
We give thanks for those who conduct our services,
play the organ, buy and arrange the flowers. For the
class leaders who keep contact with members and liaise
with our minister and our lay worker. For our church
Stewards, Door Stewards, Communion Stewards.
c Pitshanger Prayer Group

Read how God speaks about strangers in our midst

God protects strangers…………….Psalm 146 v 9
I was a stranger……………………Matthew 25 v 34-36
Open your homes to strangers……..Romans 12 v 13
We are strangers in this world……..1 Peter 2 v 1