Thought for the Month

Thought for the Month January

REMEMBER in January

Remember to praise God for the promises that He has made to us and to our mothers and fathers, stretching back
to the beginning of time. He has said he will never forsake
us, that he will love us for ever, however badly we behave
or however often we forget his Word.
Praise Him for his unchanging love. Sometimes after we
have strayed from His ways, we wonder whether He really
can continue to love us, with all our faults. He cannot
change because He is love, but like any other loving father,
he grieves when we turn our backs on Him.
Thank Him for giving us reminders of his love in the beauties
of the world he has created for us to live in…the blue of the
sky on a frosty morning, the unexpected flowers of mid-winter,
yellow jasmine, blue iris, red berry.
Remember that this is the time to start afresh, if you have
failed to live as He would wish you to. Praise Him every day,
and in every way. Amen.


January brings New Year resolutions, and here’s one which
we ought to remember. On how many Christmas cards did
we write ‘will phone’ or ‘will write soon’ or ‘will e-mail’?
Let’s get down to it and catch up with relatives and friends, before Christmas comes round once more and we are still writing ‘will phone’, ‘will write soon’, and ‘will email’. Let’s make a special effort to get in touch for 2007.


O God our loving Father, we thank you for our homes and
families and all who are dear to us. Help us to make our
homes places where there is love and harmony.
Hear us, Heavenly Father, as we pray for homes where
trust is gone, where the wife has been betrayed, or the
husband deserted by the wife. Especially we remember
the children of broken homes whose security has been
taken away, and who find life frightening and
Help us to be at peace with ourselves and our fellow men –
and at peace with you. Amen.


Let us not forget God’s commitment to us, through the coming of his Son into our world. His commitment to us lasts our whole lives through, whatever we do and wherever we go.
Remember that He requires a commitment from us as well, which is that we should live a Christian life. Let us renew our promises to Him, as we move into a new year, knowing that God’s commitment to us remains the one constant in our lives.


Open our eyes to see You in all we do at this time of year.
Now is the time for us to renew our commitment to serve you,
to love you more and to live a life worthy of your name.
Help us to forget past failures and to reach out willingly
for all that you hold in store for us – good or bad – during the months ahead.
We pray that you will walk with us as we put our hands in yours. We admit we cannot keep to our commitments on our own, so dear Lord, help us, make us strong in the areas where we are weak. We make this our prayer in your most precious and wonderful name.
© Pitshanger Prayer Fellowship.
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