Thought for the Month

Thought for the Month February 2008


Remember to praise God…for giving us a route map to follow in our journey through life. When we are small, our parents and godparents set us on the right path, telling us the age-old stories of those who have gone before us, of their deeds of valour, and of their mistakes. They were but human, as are we, but we can learn much from their lives.
Remember to encourage those who influence children.
Remember to praise God…for easy access to his Highway Code for life. On our journey through life, we need constant guidance. Sometimes we forget the directions, or disregard them, thinking that we know a short-cut…only to discover that His way is best.
Remember to check your position on His route map, not yours.
Thank Him…for saying that even if we stray off the path He chose for us, He is always read to help us return to it, however, painful and slippery it may seem to be.
Never forget that He is with us always.
Remember…to reply with a smile to friends and strangers if they ask us which way to go.
Praise Him every day
As we go on our way.


Religious pilgrimages are coming back into fashion. These are not only undertaken to such well-known places as Santiago de Compostela in Spain, to Lourdes in France, St Peter’s in Rome and to Mecca in the Middle East, but there are also opportunities for people to follow in St Paul’s footsteps around the Mediterranean, or visit Bethlehem at Christmas.
We have our own places of pilgrimage in the United Kingdom. In particular people have been journeying to Canterbury for hundreds of years.
Some travel agents organize pilgrimages, often combined with a holiday. Watch out for details in the newspapers, and especially in the Methodist Recorder.
Even if we cannot undertake a journey ourselves, we can make a pilgrimage in our hearts and in our lives, step by step travelling close to what God wishes us to be.


O God, as this day draws to a close, we ask you to be with all the young people who are leaving home, or starting new jobs. Guide their footsteps into the one and only way of righteousness and truth. We ask this specially for those who are looking for work for the first time, or are starting off on a new career.
We know that they will meet with many checks and difficulties in their new lives. Be with them, and help them to overcome all their problems in the way that you would wish. Amen.


There is so much to be thankful for, even though life is not easy. You have not said that it will be easy, but you have promised that you will never leave us.
Our travelling days have included time passed with parents, relatives and friends who have influenced us. Some have finished their journey through life; please give them a peaceful rest. Some are still with us on this journey.
Help us, Lord, to regard each moment of our walk through life as being the last, so that we may not fall into sin; but if we do, help us to remember your promise always to be faithful and to forgive us when we repent, so that we may be cleansed from all unrighteousness.
We pray this in your Son’s name. Amen.
© Pitshanger Prayer Fellowship.


An angel to protect you during travel…………Exodus 23 v 20
Through the desert……………………………Deuteronomy 8 v 2
The right way…………………………………Matthew 7 v 13
Make the way for the Lord……………………Mark 1 v 3
Jesus sends out the disciples…………………Mark 6 v 7-11
The Lord has been so good to me,
I feel like travelling on
Until that blessed home I see,
I feel like travelling on. (W.Hunter 1811-1877)