Thought for the Month

Thought for the Month April


Remember to praise God… for the changes that the weather
goes through this month. Praise Him for giving us a variety
in our climate, so that in this month we may have rain and
sun, wind and frost, each one of which is important for the
earth to bear crops to feed us.
Thank Him… for giving us longer hours of daylight. These
longer days and more hours of sun herald the onset of spring
and summer, and encourage the growth of all things bright
and beautiful.
Thank Him… for giving us his Son, who is the light of the world.
Help us to grow in the light of His Word. The more we read His
Word and spend time in His presence, the nearer we approach
to Him.
Remember… that without His light in our lives, the world is a dark
and dismal place, and our lives are but a meaningless round of trivia.
Remember… that God is great. Trust Him in all things.


The brighter days may light up some nooks and crannies
in our homes which are in need of a little spring-cleaning.
And while we do that, let us also spring-clean our minds
and fill them afresh with thoughts of God and of His love
for us.


O lord, we ask for a special blessing on all the trouble
spots of the world. Reach out to all who have hatred
in their hearts, so that a better understanding of
other people may take its place.
Help men and women to develop love for one another
instead of hatred, and to realize there is room for us
all to live a peaceful life.
Be with all the sick and suffering in the troubled
places of the world, and also within the circle of our
friends. We ask for a special blessing on all who
have the care of them, here and abroad. Through
Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


Lord of all, you took my darkness and gave me light.
Let me be a shining light in all I say and do, so that
through me someone else may know of your great love
for mankind. Help me, Lord of light; let the light in
me serve as an influential factor in this dark and
corrupt world. In all I am, may your name be glorified.
Shine, Jesus, shine. Fill my heart with your love. Amen.
© Pitshanger Prayer Fellowship.

Read about the light for our days

God commanded light and day…….Genesis l.3-5
Lord, you are my light……………..2 Samuel 22 v 29
The Lord is my light……………….Psalm 27 v 1
The righteous are a light…………..Proverbs 13 v 9
The Lord in the temple…………….Ezekiel 43 v 1
Light for the whole world…………..Matthew 5 v 14
Dear Lord, help us to love the people we know,
In the way you love people in the world. Amen.
Rhia, aged 8