Murder In The Park – book 9

Ellie Quicke is a feisty widow, busy with family and church affairs until a pitbull savages a young mother to death in the nearby park. Witnessing the attack, Ellie’s friend Felicity goes into shock and calls on Ellie for help. Ellie’s enquiries indicate that the dog and his owner are strangers to the neighbourhood, but […]

False Charity – book 1

Coral of Coral Catering is a long-time client of the agency and a personal friend of Bea’s. Twice recently she’s catered for a charity event and the organisers’ cheques have bounced. Coral can’t go to the police because of irregularities paying her staff in cash. When Bea and her two young lodgers start to investigate, […]

Murder by Committee – book 6

It seems an innocent request; would widowed Ellie Quicke visit a man whose dog died in an accident? The dog’s master – a powerful but unpleasant man – believes he was the intended target, and that an old enemy was responsible. Feuding financiers are bad news not only for the City where jobs are at […]

Murder in the Garden – book 5

The body of a young girl is found in next door’s neglected garden to the horror of the occupiers, who are great friends of Ellie’s. How long has the body been there, and who is it? Ellie Quicke seems to be the only person who has known all the families who lived in that house […]

Murder by Accident – book 4

Adjusting to life as a wealthy widow, Ellie Quicke is shattered to hear that her difficult but endearing Aunt Drusilla has been killed in a freak accident. Her only son, Roy, is also devastated. However, Aunt Drusilla has made many enemies in her time, among them Ellie’s selfish daughter Diana, who believes she’s her great-aunt’s […]

Murder of Innocence – book 3

Ellie Quicke, fiftyish and recently widowed, is still trying to come to terms with her newly single state. She’s coping, just, but could do without everyone else making demands on her; Diana, her selfish daughter, who expects Ellie to drop everything to babysit, the builders working on her new conservatory and her elderly and irritable […]

Murder by Suicide – book 2

Just as Ellie Quicke is beginning to come to terms with life as a widow, malicious letters start to spread through the parish. The much-loved vicar and Nora, the rather feeble organist, are the first targets. Soon chaos is reigning in the parish and Ellie is called on to help. But the messages keep on […]